Monday, November 1, 2010

Coconut blues

The coconut generally evokes images of exotic beaches and peaceful tropical holidays, like this nice place in Upolu Island, Western Samoa.

But the reality may be much darker, like on this island in the archipelago of Tuvalu.

Coconut blues, a sad song to comfort those who, this winter, will not travel to warmer countries...

A coconut palm gracefully bent over the turquoise waters of a tropical lagoon, what a standardized dream!

But the fight between the palm and the so-called "Pacific" Ocean often becomes ruthless.

The uprooted coconut palms, pioneers in the fight against marine erosion, resemble dying soldiers massacred on a forgotten battlefield.

Coconut fruits, when they are young, show rather cheerful colors, ranges in color pale yellow, orange red, green or brown.

But in this forgotten rainforest of Fiji Islands coconuts gnawed by time and covered by mosses exhibit a much more disturbing aspect.

A strange mix of coconut palms and skulls was found in this remote area of Tuvalu Archipelago. It seems that the skulls are fruits fallen from the palms.
Nobody wanted to tell us what happened here.

Here comes the end of our Coconut blues, a sad song for those who will not travel to warmer countries.

Thus, if it exists now a Coconut blues, we never met a blue coconut palm.

This one is just an electric dream, don't worry about it.